Author: Adam   Date Posted:1 October 2014 

Lasagne fit for a MAN.


(Serves 6)

250g light ricotta

25g shaved Parmesan Cheese

1 onion

250g frozen packet spinach

400g can tinned tomatoes

2 Medium tomatoes

2 cloves garlic1 zucchini1 carrot

1 egg

220g lean mince

3 sheets Lasagne

8 small mushrooms

2T sweet chilli sauce

preheat oven 180 degrees

spray pan with olive oil spray

add to pan: chopped onions and garlic, chopped carrots, chopped mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, chopped zucchini

add mince stirring with wooden spoon till brown

add tomatoes and canned tomatoes and sweet chilli sauce - stir and cook for approx 15 min

in a seperate bowl thaw spinach and add egg, ricotta and parmesan cheese and mix. in an oven dish place 1 layer of meat mixture

top with a lasagne sheet

add another layer of meat mixture

top with lasagne sheet

add remaining meat mixture and top with last lasagne sheet

place spinach mix on top and a sprinkle of paremsan cheese cook in oven for approx 45 min or until cooked

TIP: if you want spicey add fresh chilli to meat mixture