Date Posted:20 October 2015 

We are proud to say The Man Shake has helped thousands live better lives for themselves and for their families. Some use it to shed a few extra kilos and some use it to make major changes to their lifestyles. 

Recently Paul Berryman contacted us to share his very honest story after starting on The Man Shake program.

"Hi, My name is Paul and I'm 43 and a forklift driver from Adelaide. I suffer from depression and anxiety and have done for the past 22 years. I was on 225mg of medication but decided to see my doctor about reducing my medication . After my doctor allowing me to reduce the mg I didn't notice any change in how I felt. I was told that coffee can also be a depressant and was having about 5 iced coffees a day and the same amount of coffee's at home. You could imagine how much of a gut I was getting with the iced coffee.

"I joined a gym but haven't had the energy to go or the urge to go, all I did after work was come home and sit on the lounge . I then saw The Man Shake on Facebook and then looked on the net. I thought I'd give it a go, what have I got to lose apart from my gut, which was getting bigger and I was feeling lazy. So my beginners pack arrived and I've not looked back, I'm on my 2nd pack and feeling great. My wife has noticed I'm no longer sitting on the lounge, I took my 2 kids to the park and kicked the football with them and I actually had the energy to run a bit. I also have noticed my depression side of things has seemed to have improved and I'm on a lower dose . That may not have anything to do with the Shake but I'm putting it down to that because within the 3rd day I felt happier and lowered my medication 6 weeks prior.

"I work for a transport company in Adelaide and I've been telling everyone about the Man Shake and have been giving out the little booklet to them to read . The one that comes with my orders and seem to have a few guys very interested it this product. So I guess you could say I'm a very happy customer and very happy to promote The Man Shake to people I know and the people I see."

Shortly after Paul's wife Trudy contacted us with her side of the story and it truly moved us.

"My husband Paul Berryman sent you a message the other day explaining his story. I would like to express my side of the story to you wonderful people. As he explained he suffers from depression and anxiety which has progressively gotten worse over the years. I have tried so many different methods to help and support Paul in his darkest hours with little to no result. As I am an active gym goer I tried desperately for him to get off the lounge and get active. To my surprise, late last year he joined my gym. I was extremely happy and full of hope. This did not last long and as usual he gave up and his depression took hold of him. This, as you could imagine, was very difficult and challenging for me to stand by and watch. Yes, there were a few heated discussions. Jump forward to 3 weeks ago and Paul is talking about this Man Shake thingy.

"So we both do some research and thought it's worth a shot. Now after 2 weeks of taking it, my husband has not only lost some weight but better still he is happier. Even our 2 kids have noticed and are benefitting from this. He can even smell again. I don't know what magic you put in your product but keep it up please.

"Thank you Man Shake for helping my husband to release the shackles of depression. We still have a long way to go but you have helped in bringing my happy husband and father back to us. Your product will sit in out pantry for sometime to come. Well worth the money and he likes the flavours too. With many thanks, Trudy."

If you are anyone you know is suffering from mental health issues please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14