Rob Cameron loses 12kg using The Man Shake

Date Posted:18 December 2015 

Rob Cameron began using The Man Shake in 2015, and kickstarted his transformation despite being in his late 50s. 

"I heard about The Man Shake on the radio and thought I might give it a try, I think it was that I could still have my beer which I love and I am having my 60th in January and didn’t want to be overweight for it.

"I was nearly 99 kg when I started and the weight that I wanted to be was 90 kg my wife and myself went on the shakes and enjoyed the recipes out of the book, When I got to 90 kg my wife thought that it would be good idea to go on a 6 week challenge at the gym which we did and I lost another 3 kg. I was quite surprised when the PT from the gym checked out the shakes and said that it was quite good and to keep up with what I was doing."

"I am really glad I did this as I haven’t felt this good for a while, Once again thanks for this opportunity and I hope that it helps other guy’s that love their beer."

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