Date Posted:18 May 2016 

Wedding photos are in most cases the images we look back on most as we get older. Four months out from his big day, Kieran Foley decided to get in the shape that he could look back on fondly.

"Hi guys just want to thank you for helping get to my goal weight. I got married in February and 4 months before I started taking The Man Shake to lose some weight. I was 111kgs when started and now I'm 91kgs.

"I started The Man Shake because I loved the fact that you're allowed one cheat meal per week, all other diets you're allowed one per month, oh and the saying "lose the beer gut without losing the beer" pretty much sold me lol!

"I tried a lot of other diets eating small portions etc, but nothing has kept as full as The Man Shake, and just made me binge a lot.

"Losing 20kgs has made me feel awesome. I play sports footy, touch footy and basketball and losing the extra weight has made it a lot easier to move around the field/court, plus I'm a plasterer which is a very physical job. Before this I felt tired and sluggish through the day, having The Man Shake for breakfast and lunch gives me a lot more energy throughout the day.

"I recommend anyone to take The Man Shake. Just in the first week I lost 5kgs. I've recently got my father, sister and wife onto your products because they saw the results on me."

Well Done Kieran! His story highlights all the reasons why The Man Shake works and why we do what we do.