Fraser Dykes loses 25kgs on The MAN Shake

Author: Adam   Date Posted:24 March 2015 

This is Fraser's story:

"My name is Fraser Dykes & I live in Scone, in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW. 

I am an operator in the mining industry and spend 11 hours a day sitting on my backside operating plant & machinery, where the boredom often overpowers the temptation of snacking throughout the shift. Consistent sporting injuries five years ago forced me to stop playing regular competitive sport and my options for exercise were diminished.

So a combination of less exercise and poor diet had taken its toll & I had crept up to 94kgs. I knew I had to make a serious change to my diet and lifestyle.

I started on The Man Shake program in March 2014 and by July that same year I had lost 25kgs. More importantly, I have managed to keep the weight off too! I now weigh in at 69kgs. As you can see I can fit 2 people into my old shorts!!

I have a Man Shake for breakfast, fruit for a snack, salad for lunch, fruit for arvo snack (or sometimes a 2nd man-shake), followed by a light dinner. I also gave up the soft drinks and cut back massively on the beers! I drink heaps of water throughout the day & I find that this helps fill me up. I think your booklet that accompanies The Man Shake deliveries is excellent and has given me great meal ideas.

Thanks for The Man Shake Adam - it really has helped me change my life for the better."

Well done Fraser! If you want to lose weight too get on board now and keep us up to date by sending your before and after pictures to



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