Damien Crowley loses 11.8kgs in 5 weeks

Date Posted:11 December 2015 

Damien Crowley had exhausted a number of methods trying to live a longer and healthier life, before finally turning to The Man Shake. While his transformation has just begun, the early results are already life changing.
Why did you start on The Man Shake?
I started the man shake about five weeks ago now to lose weight before I hit the Big "40" which I did on Dec 2nd.
In that time I've lost 11.8kg in just over 5 weeks as I was 133kg (I am 6'5 so it hides the weight).
I have a shake for breakfast everyday, a shake for lunch and about 2 pieces of fruit a day and a handful of almonds/pistachios/dried cranberry just to keep up the energy for me to do my job as a gardener.
Each evening I have a normal meal which has shrunk in size over the time as I just cannot eat what I could of weeks ago.

What other methods had you tried to lose weight before turning to The Man Shake?
I have tried Lite and Easy, Herbalife all over the last 3 years and none of them I have found as easy and suitable to my lifestyle as much as The Man Shake.
What is the biggest difference losing weight has made in your life?
The weight that I have lost has given me a new lease on life, being full of energy at 5.30am to tackle my work needs and has given me  that edge I haven't felt in 4-5 years.
Im full of energy from when I wake up and that makes everyday so different.
Why would you recommend The Man Shake to other Aussie blokes?
I recommend them to everybody that I know as its just so easy to add water to the shaker, your two scoops of powder and your done...
Even at 2 meals a day within a week you see such a dramatic difference in your body and your mind.
Its changed the way I eat, the way I think about food, its a life change for the better.