Caylum McKellar lost 32 kilograms in 6 months

Date Posted:21 March 2016 

Caylum McKellar contacted us after losing 32 kilograms in 6 months using The Man Shake.

"I am 32 years old from Campbelltown NSW and was 168.6kg when I began using The Man Shake back in September 2015, I had tried numerous meal replacement shakes over the years but they all left me hungry and unsatisfied. I heard about The Man Shake on the radio, when Adam said lose the gut without losing all the beers, I was immediately interested.

"I grew up watching Adam play for the Knights and could see how far infront of the rest of the league he was when it came to fitness. I was a bit sceptical at first so I started with the starter kit. I read Adam's book (The Man Plan) before touching the shake and it gave me the confidence to get off my backside and move a little. I was getting over a full exterior dislocation of my shoulder at the time and I was shocked to see how easy it was to be active and start light even with an injury. The fact that all the exercises that can be done at home without going to a gym really appealed to me as i was very self concious about my appearance.

"I began with a shake for breakfast and lunch along with a Man bar for morning tea. I began walking every day, it started at 3km a day and then increased gradually. As the weight began falling off me I got myself an army backpack and began loading it with the weight I lost. Now I walk at least 6km per day sometimes up to 15km carrying a 31kg pack. I eat a high protien, low carb dinner and drink about 4L of water per day. I have given up soft drink, I used to have 4 -5 cans a day.

"The best part of this diet plan is that I still get to enjoy a few beers on weekends, this is very important to me as I am a very keen brewer. I don't feel guilty when I go out for a nice dinner or lunch with mates because it is a reward for the hard work I put into myself every other day. The best part about my last 6 months of using The Man Shake is that I am more active and able to work and play without knee and back pain. My blood presure has dropped dramatically and I am calmer and more relaxed on a daily basis. It has helped me both physically and mentally.

"I now weigh 134kg and even though my loss has slowed down to about 800g -1kg per week I am still loosing and will continue to put the hard yards in until I reach my goal weight of 120kg. The simple fact is I love my food and my beer and I still get to enjoy a few beers and have great tasing food both from Adam's book and from my own recipes, this is the number one reason why I have recommended The Man Shake to work mates and family, they all enjoy it and are also seeing the results as well."

What an inspiration Caylum is. After six months he continues to shed the kilos without sacrificing a beer with his mates on the weekend. That is how simple it can be with The Man Shake. Simply replace two meals a day with The Man Shake and commit to the simple to follow meal plan. As Caylum and thousands of other Aussie blokes prove - you can lose the beer gut without losing all the beers.