Date Posted:8 January 2016 

The Man Shake is a great tool to lose weight, but by doing so the additional benefits are endless. Just ask Brett Perry, who sent us his story after losing over 24kgs in just 19 weeks using The Man Shake.

To The Man Shake team,

My name is Brett Perry, I'm 45 years old I live in Seven Hills, Sydney NSW.

I have been using The Man Shake now for 19weeks I have lost 24 kilos so far. I was 107.5, but at the moment I'm on 83 kilos and my goal is 75 kilos.

I started The Man Shake as I suffer from chronic lumbar and thoracic pain and I've had a major depression disorder for the past 6 years. I've tried taking pills from supermarket and doctors but nothing worked for me until I tried this product. I would recommend this product to any guy out there if you do decide to try it stick to it because it does work.

I put some mixed berries in my vanilla shake once a day, and I have two shakes a day for breakfast and lunch

Brett Perry

It really is as simple as it sounds. Replace two meals a day with The Man Shake and keep a regular balanced diet outside of that. Results like Brett's speak for themselves.