Date Posted:16 May 2016 

After years of trying and failing to get control of his weight, a tip off from a friend convinced Jason Mattinson to turn to The Man Shake. His transformation since is nothing short of remarkable.

"I'm 44 and I have lost 35 kg. A mate recommended for me to start using The Man Shake, after everything else didn't work.

"Having the weight off has given my confidence back. I dont have to cover up, I can go around in a t-shirt or singlet and not feel uncomfortable.

"It also has made me want to go back to the gym.

"I would recommend The Man Shake to anyone, it tastes great and the meals are yum."

Jason went from XXXL to an XL and is feeling better than ever. Congratulations mate!

The Man Shake isn't simple a meal replacment shake. The Man Shake is a nutrition program that allows you manage your weight and lose the gut while enjoying real food and still having a few beers with your mates.