Date Posted:6 January 2016 

In this week's edition of The Man Shake Video Blog Adam Macdougall talks about the benefits of consistency over fad diets and teaches you how you can turn I can't into I CAN!

Crazy fad diets are never more popular than in January. Many of us have made a resolution to lose weight in 2016, and believe the only way to do that is to go to the extreme. No Carb diets, cutting out all dairy, not eating for two days a week the list goes on, but the reality is none of that is sustainable long term.

Look, excuses are a dime a dozen but sooner or later you need to take action. When you decide to be accountable, find something you can stick to long term. That is one of the big benefits of The Man Shake, substitute a couple of meals a day with a healthy meal in a shake then maintain a realistic balanced diet outside of that.