What's the go with Gluten Free?

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:26 November 2014 


The term “Gluten Free” is probably not something new to you; we’re surrounded by it almost everywhere food is sold. Yes the MAN Shake is gluten free; as are our Man Bars, but did you know 95% of people don’t actually know what the trendy term “Gluten Free” means.

Did you know 99.5% of the population are actually NOT gluten intolerant! Meaning only 0.5% of Australian actually require a gluten free diet.

So what is Gluten free? And more importantly do I need a gluten free diet?



Gluten is a protein composite (a mixture of two proteins) found in grains especially wheat. Gluten is the element that creates the elastic texture of dough, which contributes to its expansion and rise during preparation.

Gluten Free has grown in popularity amongst athletes in the last years, 40% to be exact, with the idea that it actually enhances performance. Unfortunately recent scientific study has identified little evidence of this to be true particularly for high performance athletes. So, if this isn’t working for athletes, for finely tuned bodies why do we, the average Joes, assume this will somehow help us in our quest for good health?

I believe gluten and products containing gluten have been unfairly demonized for far too long. So before you decide to forsake gluten from your life there are some things you should know about this diet and source of protein.


It’s not cheap

Following a Gluten Free diet is 274% more expensive than what you’re likely consuming now as gluten free product prices are inflated because they are trendy. Sure there may be a slightly higher cost in production – but $8 for a loaf of gluten free bread?

Most gluten free products are full of sugar and preservatives

Like everything – when you take an ingredient out of a food you have to replace it with something that makes it taste just as good if not better. So most food companies replace gluten with sugar for taste and also cost saving – and lets be honest a lot of gluten free products taste like cardboard or crap!

Be aware of what I’m calling a “Food Load Tolerance”

If you do not have a medical condition that prohibits the consumption of gluten but you are still seeing and feeling the effects of gluten products it may be time to take into account your “Food Load Tolerance”. Your FLT refers to overeating a certain product too often, which as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, makes you feel sick at the very least. You may not need to cut gluten out of your diet completely, but rather eat in moderation and be conscious of what you’re putting in your mouth.

Too much of anything is bad, you can eat pasta and bread and all the other great things if you do it in moderation rather then part of your daily routine.

The saddest part of the whole gluten free phenomenon that has swept our country is the founder of “gluten free” has now said “its useless to be gluten free unless you are a celiac” and “gluten free is bullshit”!

Definitely food for thought!