Weekend Survival Tips 101

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:14 November 2014 

A busy week at work takes a toll on the best of us and a day off can never come soon enough. Before we head into the weekend we’ll leave you with some healthy pointers to keep you on track.


Be aware, bigger groups = bigger meals

If you have dinner plans with mates or a family gathering this weekend try and keep in mind bigger groups mean bigger meals. It’s been proven that when dining in large groups food portions and consumption actually grow in size, 90% to be exact. We aren’t suggesting you stay home and eat alone every night, but rather, if you do plan to attend a dinner with a lot of invites, that you prepare yourself to say no to both multiple servings and excessive meal sizes.

It’s a cheat MEAL not a cheat DAY

You’ve done a great job so far; don’t throw your progress and hard work away for a plate of chips, a pie and a few bowls of ice cream. Reward yourself with one meal (don’t over do it) you wouldn’t normally have. Including this as part of your lifestyle change not only provides you with something to look forward to but helps you break the habit of consuming crap food on daily basis without having to completely cut out the delicious things that temp us.

Be accountable

It’s not always easy to make the healthiest choices but you need to be accountable. We like to be in control of most if not all situations in our lives. Research has shown that 75% of Australian men 25 years and above are over weight and 44% are obese demonstrating a clear lack of control in one particular area of our lives. Your eating habits and lifestyle choices are likely not genetic predispositions but rather a lack of control and physical activity. So before you have that second burger or chalk a crappy diet up to “big bones” remember you’re in control.


Enjoy the weekend and stay focused, we’re working towards a healthier lifestyle not a quick fix; this will take time, consistency and dedication.