Date Posted:18 January 2016 

In this week's edition of The Man Shake Video Blog, Adam shows you his favourite fatty foods that actually help you burn fat!

So we are right in the middle of summer, the time of year we are reminded by bronzed beach goers across the country, that this year we are actually going to do something about our weight. The best thing we can do isn't go for a run or join a gym, the best thing we can do is in fact to change your diet. Did you know that there are certain foods that are not simply good for us but help us burn fat?

And don't worry we aren't just talking about brussel sprouts and cod liver oil (although they are both good for you) this stuff actually tastes great!

  • BEANS - Rich in fibre and protein, the secret power of these little gems are that they are rich in resistant starch. The University of Colorado found that by including a meal each day that has plenty of resistant starch you'll burn 25% more fat than you would otherwise.
  • CINNAMON - This tasty spice helps move glucose into our cells faster so to control how long the fat storage hormone - insulin - hangs around for.
  • SALMON - Outside of being a great source of protein, it also is packed with omega 3 fats which attack that fat around your belly and increase the thyroid hormone which boosts your metabolism.
  • NUTS - Rich in protein and good fats, nuts like Almonds and Brazil Nuts are great for you. An International Journal of Obesity study found people who ate almonds daily for six months lost 18% of their body fat. 
  • OILS - Coconut Oil and Olive Oil are my favourites. Coconut Oil contains MCTs which the body will preferentially use as energy and not store as fat. Meanwhile a number of studies found that people with Olive Oil rich diets ate less food and either maintained their weight or lost weight.