How to avoid the Christmas Belly Blowout

Date Posted:16 December 2015 

We all love Christmas and the festive celebrations. But unfortunately we don’t enjoy the gift that Christmas leaves around our bellies, with most blokes piling on 2-5 kg over this period.

Stats show come January 90% of people make their new years resolution to lose weight so chance are you will be 1 of these people! In this week's edition of The Man Shake Video Blog, Adam Macdougall provides simple tips to avoid the Christmas Belly Blowout!

  1. Have a good breakfast 
  2. Don't fill up on bread, wait for the good stuff - seafood, turkey, chicken, fruit etc
  3. Christmas Day goes for 24 hours not 24 days!
  4. Don’t eat while you drink. The body will prioritise breaking down alcohol over food.
  5. Don't sacrifice your pavlova, while it's not great for the belly it is great for your mind!