Date Posted:26 April 2016 

According to the creator of The Man Shake, Adam MacDougall, the time is now for a Sugar Tax.

A soft drink can say it has 35% less sugar and market itself as a healthy option, but 35% less sugar than what? A full strength soft drink? So instead of 63.6g of sugar it has 39.6g of sugar. That is still a lot of sugar to have in one serve. 

A yoghurt that markets itself as no fat, no added sugar can still contain over 10g of sugar per serve. An 500 ml Up and Go, Choc Ice flavour - marketed as a nutritious snack on the run - second most used ingredient is cane sugar, of which it contains 38.3g. I mean are you serious?

And there is the worst one of them all, weight loss products that are loaded with sugar. It is these that inspired me to create The Man Shake in the first place. Rapid Loss, the biggest selling product in the market, has you consuming 27.6g per serve. To put it in perspective, The Man Shake has just 1.8g per serve.

Adam wants these companies to be accountable and money raised from the tax put into education.

Hear his call to action here.