5 ways to include more fish in your diet

Date Posted:29 April 2015 

It’s no secret fish does wonders for the mind and body, with benefits like prevention of heart disease, depression, and diabetes as well as reducing weight, it’s a crime we don’t eat it more often. Though the benefits of fish oil have been a rich topic of debate recently we thought we’d get right to the source and provide you with some healthy ways to help you include more fish in your diet.

Test the waters

If you’re new to fish or unsure if you like it start with a milder fish like tilapia, halibut or cod to familiarize yourself with the texture and flavours. Though milder, do not be fooled into believing these fish can’t be delicious, pair them with some fresh lemon, herbs or crushed peanuts and broil, grill or bake for something to please even the pickiest of eaters. Mild in taste but far from lacking in health benefits, these fish can prevent arthritis, boost your metabolism and protect against heart attacks.

Get Creative

Fish tacos and kebabs are a great way to get creative and subtly add fish to an easy meal especially for someone who doesn’t regularly eat fish. Grill your fish of choice and add vegetables. Not only will this consumption of healthy omega-3 acids help reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, it will also boost brain development.

Frozen doesn’t have to be bad

Though it’s definitely preferred for both health and flavour reasons, if you can’t get your hands on some fresh fish, all is not lost. First, remember food from the fridge or freezer can be healthier than food from the pantry simply because food kept in the pantry often has more preservatives to keep it edible longer. When given the choice between canned or frozen, go frozen. Opt for something with little to no added salt or seasoning. This makes a great substitute for meat in any salad or pasta.

Slow and steady

Start to include Fish in your dinner once a week. As you do this not only are you getting some of your required healthy fats and protein, you also have the ability to explore different recipes and exciting ways to include fish in your meals and before you know it if there is anything left, you’ll be taking fish for lunch the next day.

Get out a little

If you’re headed out for dinner this week make a point of ordering fish. Try something off the menu that is baked, broiled or grilled with little or no added salt. Pair it with some steamed house vegetables and you’re on your way to healthier skin and hair.