5 Ways to Avoid the Christmas Blowout

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:18 December 2014 

We all love Christmas and the festive celebrations. But unfortunately we don’t enjoy the gift that Christmas leaves around our bellies, with most blokes piling on 2-5 kg over this period.

Here are 5 things to avoid during Christmas celebrations to stop the Christmas bulge:

Not even a manly word! Men don’t eat nibbles – save yourself for the good stuff – plenty of meat and seafood to be had this time of year so fill up on the good stuff and give the finger-to-finger foods!

Soft drinks
Soft all right! That’s what soft drink will make your guts, as they are full of sugar so go with mineral water, water with lemon or lime or a diet soft drink (yes I know diet has a bad name) but 1 or 2 wont kill you and while you are at it avoid the juices too!

Forget seconds!
We don’t have seconds at home so don’t go for seconds at Christmas – you don’t need it and it’s not your last meal over the holiday period so you wont starve. Portion control is king with stats showing people eat up to 96% more food at social gatherings then they would normally.

Skip the dessert
Men aren’t big dessert eaters – preferring an extra beer but for some reason at Xmas when the dessert plate goes in front of us we feel obliged! There are many more calories in most desserts then beer so choose wisely (not that I'm encouraging you to drink) I'm just saying it’s all about choices.

And finally... Alcohol
No I’m not going to tell you not to drink I’m all for it at Christmas time but try and choose your alcohol wisely. Try not to add soft drinks to the hard stuff so many unwanted calories that go straight to your guts. Also beer and fatty food don’t mix well and fatty food to cure a hangover is proven not to work so make sure you drink on a full stomach and eggs should be your go to hang over cure as they help to mop up the toxins left behind by alcohol.


Stats show come January 90% of people make their new years resolution to lose weight so chance are you will be 1 of these people! So make it easier come January by following the simple tips above and you’ll still be the life of the party this December without paying such a heavy price come Jan


Merry Christmas!