5 options for a breakfast of champions.

Date Posted:15 April 2015 

It’s not breaking news that breakfast is an important meal for many reasons but did you know there are ways to leverage your first meal of the day to really work hand in hand with your healthy lifestyle goals? Check out our top 5 breakfast options to help you see healthy results.


Adding this nutty-flavoured seed to your MAN shake or sprinkled over your toast or cereal provides not only 100% of your omega-3 fatty acids intake in just 2 tablespoons but it’s also rich in antioxidants and fibre. 


Not only do pistachios contain fewer calories and more potassium than other nuts, they also help lower cholesterol and their fibre content make them more filling.


This versatile breakfast option is not only packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and folate, if eaten regularly it is also proven to help lower cholesterol.


This immunity-boosting fruit not only hydrates and fills you faster but its fat-burning properties also help you lose the gut if eaten daily.

Greek Yogurt

This alternative to traditional yogurt is not only a quick and delicious breakfast option when paired with your favourite fruit, it also contains nearly twice the protein and calcium of regular flavoured yogurt to keep you feeling full longer.


And oh but of course… The MAN Shake. It contains really all the things you need to get your day off to an ideal start. In one quick to prepare shake you will fuel your body with loads of protein and fibre to keep you fuller for longer, along with a combination of good fats, vitamins and minerals formulized specifically for to benefit the health of men.