4 healthy swaps for you and the planet this Earth Day

Date Posted:22 April 2015 

In spirit of Earth Day 2015 and promoting healthy lifestyles in all forms we’ve pulled out some key food swaps that are not only good for your health but good for our environment as well. Do your part on April 22 and give these a go.


Try Quinoa instead of Rice

Swapping the rice in your diet for Quinoa not only reduces the use of one-third of the planet’s fresh water supply for rice production, but also ensures you’re getting a great source of amino acids, protein and fibre.


Forego white bread for whole grain

In addition to reducing the energy and resources it takes to refine white bread, switching to whole grain also reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.


Go for go ‘Grass Fed’

If you enjoy a good steak, opting for Grass Fed beef will give you the same flavors at a reduced cost to the environment as grain Fed beef requires much more energy to grow crops, not to mention water.


Shop local

In addition to supporting your local farmer’s market, buying your produce from your local veggie counter maximizes your nutrient value because it’s picked fresh and is not subject to long energy consuming hauls from one continent to another before reaching your plate.