4 greens for a healthier St-Patrick’s Day

Author: Adam   Date Posted:17 March 2015 

Irish or not, whatever your brew of choice, there isn’t a man who doesn’t jump at the chance to indulge in a few extra schooners on St. Patrick’s day. We love a good drinking tradition as much as anyone else, but in spirit of the celebration and a healthy lifestyle we challenge you to give these greens a go.


Popeye was onto something, in addition to being great for your eyes, eating spinach five times a week can reduce the chances of cancer by 50%.



A great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants, Kale can also reduce heart disease.



This versatile vegetable is packed with cancer fighting antioxidants.



Besides being a great cure for hangovers, the high potassium found in cabbage reduces high blood pressure.