3 Tips to Trigger New Eating Habits

Author: Adam   Date Posted:7 April 2015 

If you want to lose weight and keep it off it's all about replacing bad eating habits with good habits that you can sustain. 

Here are some good habits to help start you off: 

  1. Have breakfast – it really is the most important meal of the day and is proven that people who have a high protein breakfast consume up to 20% less calories a day. The Man Shake is great breakfast alternative as it’s high in protein, is quick to prepare and can be enjoyed on the run if you are too busy to sit down and eat brekky
  2. Cut out soft drinks and replace with water (add lemon or lime for flavour). Soft drinks are just empty calories so save these calories for something you really enjoy
  3. Cut out carbs with dinner and late at night. These just sit on your gut and stores as fat as you are not moving around so you can’t burn them off. Yes you can still have your carbs just make sure you have your breads for lunch or early in the day and stick to more meat and vegetables or salad for dinner. Carbs such as pasta, bread and potato should be avoided at dinnertime as they are high in calories and store as fat!

People always ask me what is the best diet? My reply - the one you will stick to that suits your lifestyle!

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