Top 5 ingredients to keep your MAN Shake interesting

Date Posted:11 March 2015 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard and that’s why we’d never encourage you to eat the same boring meal everyday. As men we have a tendency to lose interest in things quickly and it’s no different when it comes to the food we eat. Lack of variety in meals is often an underlining reason behind failed diets and healthy eating. So we say let’s forego the predictable and explore some MAN Shake ingredients to peak your interest, no matter what your craving.

Try adding these simple ingredients to your next MAN Shake and keep up the momentum.

Frozen Berries

Of course the recent hepatitis scare in some frozen berries has left some of us uneasy but if we avoid that purple package the fact remains, berries are a great source of fibre.

Coconut oil

If you crave something a little more exotic, coconut oil is not only delicious but can help curb your appetite and can actually help you burn fat.

Greek Yogurt

In addition to being lower in sugar than flavoured yogurts, Greek yogurt is excellent for your digestive system and is high in protein.

Chia seeds

Don’t let their bland look fool you, chia seeds are not only a great addition to any MAN Shake, they are also a great source of Omega-3s, can help lower cholesterol, fight arthritis and big belly fat.


If you want to get rid of those dreaded latte love handles get your caffeine fix with your MAN Shake. Your regular piping hot coffee is full of sugar and carbs, adding this much needed fix to your shake in the morning or throughout the day puts you in control of exactly what you take in your coffee.